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We help you break through

Fulcrum Group was born out of a deep passion for technology.

We started our journey in 2019 with one goal: help tech innovators tell great product stories.

A great story transforms a product vision into a breakthrough moment. It’s these breakthrough moments that inspire and catalyze growth. Breakthrough moments turn your prospects into customers and your customers into advocates.

What we do for you

We are in the business of making it easy for you to engage and persuade your audience. Fulcrum does this by bridging the gap between the innovative products you build and the audiences you want to reach. 

High-impact tech product storytelling is our superpower. We turn the complicated and complex into a meaningful message that resonates with your prospects and customers

Instead of spending time explaining, you can focus on winning new business and growing your fans.

No random acts of marketing

You don’t need more wasteful random acts of marketing. You want to breakthrough and drive demand.

That’s why we specialize in product messaging development, go-to-market strategy, and sales enablement designed for the unique needs of growth-stage B2B tech companies. 

Fulcrum offers a fast path for marketing and product leaders to reach your product growth goals. You can quickly tap into product marketing expertise when you need it most: right now!

Our approach is why our clients consider the Fulcrum Group a trusted advisor

We help them tell great product stories. We can do the same for you.

Your team

Ian Hameroff

Founder and CEO

Ian loves telling a great story. He’s a certifiable tech-nerd with a knack for making the complex easier to digest. Ian’s a big believer in the importance of always starting with “why” and does all he can to eliminate random acts of marketing. That’s why he’s an award-winning product marketer, trusted advisor, and sought-after speaker. Ian founded Fulcrum Group in 2019 after two decades in B2B product marketing, honing his craft at Microsoft, Nintex, and Promethean.

When not helping product innovators break through to their audiences, Ian is an absolute soccer nut and serves as an ambassador for the U.S. Soccer Federation. He’s also an internationally-recognized visual artist, budding Scotch whisky connoisseur, and family man living in Seattle, WA.

Andy O’Donald

Principal Product Marketing Consultant

Andy skis mountains for breakfast and hones marketing strategies for lunch. Starting from the audience’s perspective, Andy seeks to uncover the genuine product value and how it can improve a person’s life. Andy joined Fulcrum Group in 2021 after a decade marketing B2B cloud services at Microsoft.

When not researching market trends and business models, you’ll find Andy skiing around the US, cooking on Whidbey Island, WA or spending time with family in Michigan.

Natalie Kalin

Associate Product Marketing Consultant

Coming from an engineering background, Natalie offers a unique perspective to helping your product stand out in the marketplace. She seeks to understand not only how the product works, but the heart of why it exists and how it can bring value to your customers. Natalie joined Fulcrum in 2023 after working as an engineer for several tech startups and as a product marketer at the MedTech giant Medtronic.  

When not honing her marketing craft, Natalie loves to summit, climb, and ski mountains around the world. She also loves to read books and spend time with family in Colorado.   

Paula Gorman

Client Success Manager

Paula’s love for project management and client success is endless — just ask her and she will be happy to talk about it for hours. She brings over a decade of expertise and the mentality that customer needs and satisfaction come first. When Paula isn’t wielding her herding cats skills, she is undoubtedly on a mountain in Sonoma County biking or hiking with her two pups.

Anthony Ruiz

Chief of Staff

Anthony has been a dedicated Executive Assistant for over 10 years. In that time he has worked for tech agencies, financial services, and government subsidiaries. In 2018 he transitioned to Chief of Staff; taking the knowledge he has gained in organizational operations and applying them to C-Level executives as a subcontractor across the United States. His main focus is creating a place where everyone enjoys coming to work and our clients have faith in our processes.

Anthony can small talk with anyone about anything and his motto is, “if it’s important to you, its important to him”