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We love that our clients consider Fulcrum Group a trusted advisor. 

Learn more from the innovative, fast-growing B2B tech companies we’ve help tell great product stories and breakthrough.

Trusted by fast-growing B2B tech companies

“Fulcrum’s 5+1 methodology and workshops really helped us land a compelling product story. They got us to our product positioning, defining our unique value proposition and target buyer. These sessions were extremely valuable, and the Fulcrum team went over and beyond during the entire process.”

Krishna Katikaneni

Sherlock Cloud

“Thanks to Fulcrum, I’m no longer the single point of contact for sales at Sherlock Cloud. The new deck is so succinct and compelling, other team members can use it for pitching customers. We’re confident now that, no matter who’s making the initial pitch, our key messages will get through, loud and clear.”

Sandeep Chandra
Executive Director


“With Fulcrum, I have a whole team of product marketing people working on my behalf, and it shows. The discipline of Fulcrum’s approach helps us produce more work of higher quality. Now we’re delivering more materials in all our channels, so we can always reach the right customer in the right way at the right time.”

Kim Albrecht
Chief Marketing Officer


“We truly enjoyed partnering with Fulcrum Group. Their insights, deliverables, and professionalism were top-notch, allowing me to deliver a “quick win” as a newly hired CMO. Now our sales team more effectively positions Blueboard with prospective customers, and we have a foundation to build upon for the future.”

Bill Glenn
Chief Marketing Officer


“3Sharp was launching a new transformational product. I was super confident we had a great value prop, but it didn’t take us long to get so deep into the weeds that we couldn’t get our story straight. So we turned to the Fulcrum Group. They did a great job getting us to think more strategically about our go-to-market and armed us with the messaging we needed to tell a high-impact story.”

John Peltonen
Founding Partner


“Working under incredibly tight deadlines, the whole Fulcrum team rolled up their sleeves and delivered great work. We’re lucky to have them as a partner.”

Joe Honan


“FiveBy needed help to develop a value proposition and narrative that would resonate and maximize the impact of our external communications. Fulcrum Group was insightful, refreshing, and hugely useful! This work has enabled us for the first time to clearly articulate who we are, what we do, and how we can help.”

Debbie Walsh

ScaleOut Software

“We are using the feedback we received from the Fulcrum Group on almost a daily basis. They provided essential feedback on ways in which we can improve the messaging on our website to simplify and clarify the compelling benefits of our products. This feedback is making a big impact on our marketing initiatives and helps drive the engagement we need.”

William Bain
Founder and CEO


“We needed to do a refresh of the partner section of our website. This required someone comfortable with enterprise software technology and trustworthy to represent Skytap. With the help of Fulcrum Group, our website now represents the partners, providing accurate and valuable resources to our prospects and customers. Exactly the way you want it!”

Dan Jones
SVP of Product and Marketing

Sidechain Security

“The Fulcrum Group did more than help us get our company story straight. They were able to guide me through to a super important aha moment that has completely unblocked our business strategy. I now have a whole new perspective and frame to laser-focus on what matters most.”

Andrew Lance
Founder and CEO


“To meet the demands of a growth-stage business, we needed to add product marketing talent and capacity quickly. Fulcrum Group was able to step in and help us drive several key GTM initiatives—vertical markets, Zero Trust, NetSecOps, others—delivering results beyond our expectations.” 

Sri Sundaralingam
Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing


“Fulcrum Group helped us think deeply about so many aspects of our business. We now have a crystal-clear understanding of our target audience, our unique value proposition, how we differentiate from our competition, and how to effectively message those benefits to our target audience.”

Jayson Demers
Founder and CEO

“Fulcrum Group worked with us literally days away from two major milestones: rebranding the company and launching our new platform. They got up-to-speed fast, collaboratively worked with all the key stakeholders to refine our product messaging, and delivered the product marketing support we needed in quick succession. We would love to work again together.”

Surbhi Rathore
CEO and Co-Founder

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