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Webinar: 5 Steps for an Effective Competitive Analysis

In our latest Accelerate Series Webinar, our founder and CEO, Ian Hameroff, discussed our proven 5-step process for conducting effective competitive analysis.  

The ability to conduct effective competitive analysis is an important requirement for accelerating your company’s growth and making your go-to-market strategy a success. Get this discipline right, and you’ll empower your sales and marketing teams to navigate today’s competitive landscape more confidently and effectively.

Drawing from decades of industry expertise, Ian shared invaluable insights and actionable competitive analysis strategies.  

Overview of our 5-step Competitive Analysis Process (Source: Fulcrum Group)


Overview of our 5-step Competitive Analysis Process (Source: Fulcrum Group) 

Here are a few highlights from the presentation:  

Go beyond surface-level analysis

To truly gain a competitive edge, scratching the surface of your competition won’t suffice. 

Understanding your competition demands a deep, comprehensive approach encompassing external and internal sources.

Internal and external resources for analyzing your competition.


Resources for analyzing your competition (Source: Fulcrum Group) 

Research your competitor’s website, social channels, and content, but don’t stop there. Dive into industry analyst reports, investigate community forums, and attend industry events to understand emerging industry trends and competitor perceptions. 

Additionally, you have many powerful resources within your own company. Conduct thorough win/loss analysis, engage with your sales reps, and leverage your CRM for real-time data.  

Remember, a comprehensive understanding is the key to staying ahead in the competitive arena. Don’t just scratch the surface – dive deep to unearth invaluable insights from every available resource. 

Not every competitor demands the same strategy 

Acknowledging that each competitor requires a different strategy is critical. What is necessary for one may not be necessary for another.  

Strategies to consider when addressing your competition.


Strategies to consider when addressing your competition (Source: Fulcrum Group) 

Sometimes your competitor’s strengths or threats aren’t meaningful to your business. If it sidetracks you from your strategic direction, you should ignore it. 

Alternatively, you could change the importance or realities of the competitive threat to align more closely with your own strengths and differentiation by de-positioning your competitor.  

Or, if you find this competitor does warrant a response, you can craft messaging and objection-handling guidance for your sellers and partners. 

Just be sure to carefully analyze each competitor individually to ensure the appropriate strategy is selected.  

Communicate your findings regularly

Analyzing and building a competitive strategy is only half the battle. You need to put this strategy into action.  

Operationalizing your competitive strategy


Operationalizing your competitive strategy (Source: Fulcrum Group) 

This requires you to communicate to educate and educate to communicate.  

You need to communicate what you learn to educate your teams and stakeholders to keep them current and ready. This also ensures they can help you in your efforts to communicate your findings.  

You also need to train and enable your sellers, product teams, partners, and even your customers to communicate your differentiation. 

All of your work will be for nothing if you leave off this critical final step. 

Watch the full webinar

Be sure to watch the full webinar to learn even more about our 5-step process for conducting an effective competitive analysis.